CCNL Rider

The Rider CBA guarantees a number of benefits and protections for self-employed riders, including minimum earnings, supplementary benefits, incentives, reward systems, safety equipment, insurance, and training. 


Here you can find the text of the CCNL agreement and below an explanation of each point:


Minimum per delivery

Minimum compensation is equivalent to €10 gross per hour.
This means that for one hour of actual work, and therefore while making a delivery, you will not receive a fee that is less than €10 gross.

Compensation will be determined on the basis of the estimated time to complete the delivery. 

In the event that the time estimated for the delivery is less than one hour, the fee of that delivery will be re-parameterized proportionally to its estimated minutes.

Example: If you receive an order proposal with an estimated time of 30 minutes, you will not receive a fee that is less than €5 gross.

Deliveroo’s minimum compensation will be €11 gross per hour.

Reward systems

When you’ll complete 2000 deliveries in each calendar year (from 1 January to 31 December) you will receive a reward of €600. When you’ll complete 4000 deliveries in each calendar year (from 1 January to 31 December) you will receive a reward of €600 and when 6000 deliveries are completed in each calendar year (from 1 January to 31 December) you will receive a reward of €300.

Additional indemnity

In addition to the minimum compensation, an additional indemnity will be due upon the occurrence of one or more of the following circumstances:

A. deliveries during night time;
B. deliveries during festivities;
C. deliveries with adverse weather conditions.

In particular:

-10% in the case of the presence of one circumstance;
-15% when two of the  circumstances previously described occurred (for example if you are delivering and outside it’s raining and it is also Christmas);
-20% when all the three circumstances occurred.


Night work: delivery proposals accepted and actually completed between 00.00 and 07.00.
Adverse weather conditions: precipitation of at least 2 mm per hour or snow, as resulting from data extracted from an independent meteorological database.
Festivities: 25th of April, 1st of May, 2nd of June, 1st of January,6th of January, Easter day and the following Monday, l5th of August, 1st of November, 8th of December, 25th of December, 26th of December and the patron saint of the municipality where the company has its headquarters (Deliveroo’s one is 7th December).

Temporary incentive for new cities and zones

When new city and / or zone  are launched, for a minimum period of 4 months and for every 60 consecutive minutes of online availability, you will receive:
– a compensation equivalent to €7 when you haven’t received any delivery proposals;

– an additional incentive to ensure a minimum compensation equivalent to euro €7 when you have completed a delivery with a fee that is less than €7.

For example:

– if you complete a delivery whose fee exceeds €7 within each consecutive 60 minutes, you can’t receive the incentive;

– if you don’t receive any order proposals, within every 60 consecutive minutes, you’ll receive the incentive;

– if you complete a delivery whose fee does not reach the value of the incentive, within every 60 consecutive minutes, you can receive an integration equal to the difference necessary to achieve the value of the incentive;

– the refusal of even a single delivery proposal determines, in any case, the non-recognition of the incentive, within every 60 consecutive minutes and for its multiples (e.g. 120 minutes, 180 minutes …);

– the refusal of a single delivery within 60 consecutive minutes will recognize you the incentive over a subsequent, but not consecutive, period of time.

What does it mean?

If you are online for several hours during the day and you refuse a delivery proposal during one of these, you won’t receive the incentive for either that hour or the consecutive ones.

However, you will be eligible to receive the incentive for a next and non-consecutive hour (if you have not refused any delivery proposal).


You are online from 10:00 to 12:00 and from 15:00 to 16:00. From 10:00 to 11:00 you receive and reject a delivery proposal;
After that, you do not receive further delivery proposals: you will not be eligible to receive the incentive neither for the hour 10:00 – 11:00 nor for the hour 11:00 – 12:00 because this is immediately consecutive.

During the same day, you are also online from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm and you do not receive any delivery proposals: you will be eligible to receive the incentive because it is a following hour and not immediately consecutive.

Deliveroo will correspond the incentive for the first 6 months from the new cities and zones launches and. The “60 consecutive minutes” will be calculated with a tolerance – which means that we will pay the incentive in proportion to the online time, in the event that the rider has been online for more than 50 minutes, during a 60-minute session.

Find out here all the minimum orders incentive.



You will be covered by INAIL insurance against accidents at work and occupational diseases and by an insurance coverage against any damage to property or to third parties caused during deliveries.
The Platforms will not cover your vehicle insurance.

Find out Deliveroo’s one.

Safety and training obligations

You will receive information on health and safety at work, training courses on road safety and the transport and storage of food through e-learning platforms.
Plus, they will receive the Personal Protection Devices, for free.

Safety equipment

You will receive free of charge:

  • high visibility clothing;
  • safety helmet for those who use the bikes.

Moreover, Platforms will replace the helmet supplied after 4,000 deliveries and the high visibility cloth supplied after 1,500 deliveries.

Here you can find Deliveroo Rider Kit and its replacement policy.


Prohibition of discrimination, equal opportunities and Privacy protection

Platforms adopt non-discriminatory policies during the offer of job proposals, even in relation to ranking systems.

The digital systems that manage the delivery proposals do not take into account Riders’ personal characteristics such as gender, race, language, religion, political opinions, personal and social conditions.

Contrast to exploitation and irregular work

Platforms will condemn any form, individual and / or associative, that produces situations of irregularity as well as of exploitation:

– it is forbidden to be replaced by a third party and to give your account to another person;
– a register of authorized companies will be established.
– a “task force” working group will be set up in collaboration with the relevant authorities in order to identify and adopt any eventual initiative aimed at stopping and condemning any exploitation and irregular situation.

Unions rights

In order to allow the exercise of the constitutionally guaranteed right of union association, you will be able to issue a mandate aimed at withholding the union association contribution in favour of the trade union signing this Agreement.

Transparency of the ranking system

The Platforms are committed to ensuring the transparency of each ranking system used. You can freely decide which delivery proposal to accept or refuse and companies won’t reduce delivery opportunities because of the non-acceptance of the proposal offered.

Each delivery will be paid considering the estimated time to complete it. This compensation is equivalent to €10 gross per hour.
Each Platform can decide to pay more than the established minimum compensation, but in any case, the compensation due to Riders for the activity provided cannot be lower than that established in the Collective Agreement.

If, the time estimated by the Platform for the deliveries is less than one hour, the amount due will be re-parameterized proportionally to the estimated time for the delivery to be completed.

Yes, in certain areas and zones. You can find more info here.

Each delivery will be paid considering the estimated time to complete it. This compensation is equivalent to €10 gross per hour. This is the minimum compensation.
The order incentive is an integration for the first 4 months when a zone is launched, and in case of absence of order proposals or an additional incentive to ensure a minimum compensation equivalent to euro €7 when the Rider has made deliveries for compensation less than €7 (without any rejection of order proposals).

Deliveroo will provide the Kit for free, as usual. Here you can find your Kit and the replacement policy.

Deliveroo Riders will still be covered by INAIL and Qover. Learn more here.

The timeline to be considered is the calendar year (from 1st January to 31st December) and not the first day of your first delivery. 

The agreements between Platforms and Riders are autonomous contracts of the Italian Code of Civil Procedure, without exclusive restrictions.

Yes, you should. You will find it in your inbox email, remember to check it and if you haven’t received it yet contact our Rider Support. 

Yes, because it refers to the calendar year and as the total income resulting from occasional collaborations in withholding tax cannot exceed this amount, you should wait for the 1st December 2020 or to open the Partita IVA (if you have exceeded it).

Starting from 3rd November statistics with Deliveroo will no longer be available for Free Login zones and for the zones where you will still need to book your sessions. You’ll receive more information about it.

Yes, you can withdraw from the contract at any time with immediate effect by giving the Rider Support or the Platform written notice.